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National police custody monitoring program

  • AIC research program
  • Start date: March 1990


The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody found its task made more difficult by the lack of statistics on people in police, corrections or juvenile custody.

It conducted the first national police custody survey in cooperation with all jurisdictions (Macdonald 1990). Recommendations 42-44 of the Royal Commission are for the establishment of a regular monitoring program to be coordinated by the AIC, and were supported by all governments (Australia 1992: 140-146).

The March 1990 meeting of the Australian Police Ministers Council requested the institute to report on people in police custody on remand or sentence.

The institute released reports in 1990, 1993, 1997, and 2005. The 1990 report is not available online but other reports from the Royal Commission are on the AustLII website.

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