Australian Institute of Criminology

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The Institute places staff names on its website as a method of advising visitors to our website of the range and content of work undertaken by the AIC and as a means of identifying staff qualifications and experience. Due to large volumes of spam, staff email addresses are no longer listed on the website. Staff members can still be contacted by email - all staff email addresses follow a common format of This allows you to contact a staff member by utilising information from the list below. Note: these addresses should only be used for legitimate purposes, and not for unsolicited commercial email (spam).

For general enquiries, please email


Chris Dawson APM

Deputy Director Research

Rick Brown (02) 6260 9200

Principal Criminologists

Russell Smith Principal Criminologist

Research managers

Samantha Bricknell Research Manager
Anthony Morgan Research Manager
Matthew Willis Research Manager

Research staff

Hayley Boxall Principal Research Analyst
Willow Bryant Research Officer
Georgina Fuller Research Analyst
Alexandra Gannoni Research Officer
Penny Jorna   Research Analyst
Samantha Lyneham  Research Analyst
Simon Ng Research Officer
Eileen Patterson Research Officer
Lauren Renshaw Research officer
Bella Voce Research officer