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Georgina Fuller

Academic qualifications

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Hons) (Australian National University)

Selected Employment

2013 Acting Research Analyst, Australian Institute of Criminology
2010-2013 Research Officer, Australian Institute of Criminology

Current areas of specialisation/expertise

  • Victims of crime
  • Armed robbery
  • Crime statistics

List of major projects current and past

  • Database of Victimisation Experiences
  • National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program (NARMP)
  • Australian crime: Facts and figures
  • Managing intoxicated offenders: Best practice in responding to individuals affected by drugs and alcohol
  • An empirical basis for the ratio of crowd controllers to patrons
  • Mapping baseline indicators for remote Indigenous communities
  • Evaluation of the Proceeds of Crime Act funding program
  • The Victorian Local Community Crime Prevention Activity Survey
    An examination of the nature and extent of cross border crime between NSW and Queensland


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  • Fuller G. (2012). From muggings to hold-ups: An examination of armed robbery typologies and implications for crime prevention. 2012 ANZSOC Conference, Public Criminologies: Crime, Power and Marginalisation. Auckland, November.
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