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1998 Award winners

Announced by the Minister for Justice and Customs, Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone on Tuesday, 24 November 1998. (Media release: Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone's presentation speech)

National winners

Three projects were selected as national winners. Two programs nominated by Australians Against Child Abuse were selected as the overall national winner and will share the award:

The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and the Children's Sexual Behaviours Programs (Victoria) - Overall national winners

The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program is a school-based program which aims to reduce both the incidence and impact of child sexual abuse by providing children, young people and adults with information and skills relevant to the prevention of sexual abuse. The program is based on an integrative approach to child abuse prevention and has been designed to involve the expertise and support of a range of services relevant to child sexual abuse prevention, intervention and treatment.

The Children's Sexual Behaviour Program is a treatment and prevention model for children between the ages of 5 and 11 who have displayed sexual behaviours which are interfering with their normal development or are considered abusive towards other children or adults. Children are supported to experience the possibility of changing their behaviour and develop more respectful ways of interacting with others.

Award: $20 000 and a certificate of merit

And the Band Played On... And On (South Australia)

And the Band Played On...And On is designed to help school and local community address its problems with violence and improve the safety, learning and care of all members of the community affected by violence (whether victims or perpetrators) through music. The program utilises music and the Arts as a tool for healing, self improvement, group development, unity and fun.

Award $10 000 and a Certificate of Merit

Four projects received and award of $5000 and a certificate of merit:

The Geraldton Community Patrol (Western Australia)

Community based approach to reduce the incidence of violence against people and property in Geraldton. The project prevents violence by early intervention in situations where violence is likely to occur.

Local Government Safety Action Team (Queensland)

Project mobilises key stakeholder groups and local communities to address the problem of crime, violence and associated problems in and around licensed venues in the central entertainment area of a town or city.

Strengthening Attitudes Opposing Domestic Violence in Culturally Diverse Communities (New South Wales)

A multi media campaign produced in community languages to strengthen and support changes to attitudes about the use of violence as a control mechanism within the family unit.

The Northern Territory Government Aboriginal Law and Justice Strategy (Northern Territory)

The strategy was designed to provide a comprehensive, whole of Government approach to the development of Aboriginal law and justice initiatives at the Territory, regional and community levels.

Fifteen projects received an award of $2000 and a certificate of merit:

Young Men's Support Network (Australian Capital Territory)

Provides a range of services to young men that focus on sexual assault, interpersonal violence and self injury. As well as raising awareness about men's issues, it aims to empower men with education, experience and awareness to create safe potent masculinity.

TREK (New South Wales)

TREK aims to provide an alternative counselling service to young people who sexually abuse and their families

Building Safer Communities Initiative (New South Wales)

The project aims to decrease community violence through preventative programs at school and community levels.

The Northern Territory Government Domestic Violence Community Education Program for Women from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (Northern Territory)

Program is aimed at improving access for people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to services and information pertaining to domestic violence in the Northern Territory.

Pilot Project - Addressing Gender and Violence in Schools (Northern Territory)

Goal of the Pilot Project was to explore with schools the links between constructions of gender and violence and the implications for policy and program development to construct safe and supportive school environments.

"The Station" (Queensland)

Residential rehabilitation centre on an 8ha property developed to shelter, rehabilitate and enrich endangered, wayward or homeless youth and help re-establish themselves and build better relationships with their families.

Supportive School Environment Program (Tasmania)

Trained student mediators are used to help resolve conflict in a supportive school environment which is based on responsibility, mutual respect and shared decision making.

Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) (Tasmania)

The MAC project is a mobile activity centre providing leisure, recreation and supportive health and welfare, information and educational activities in a non-threatening environment.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix Public Order Plan (Victoria)

The Plan involves motorcyclists in the policing and maintenance of orderly behaviour at their own event in conjunction with local police.

CAVES - Community Against Violence - Education and Support (Victoria)

CAVES Kit is a guide to help community groups set up strategies and networks to address the issues of violence within the community.

Preventing Workplace Violence - a Job Watch Community Education Project (Victoria)

Community education campaign which aims to reduce violence in the workplace by creating awareness of the issue with particular focus on the needs of young employees.

MEND Program (Men Exploring New Behaviour) (Victoria)

MEND is part of an integrated and comprehensive service of prevention and intervention through education, support and skill development for perpetrators of violence in the home.

Forensic Psychiatric Support Program (Victoria)

Outreach based support program for mentally disordered offenders who have been discharged from prison or psychiatric hospital to live in the community.

The Northam Regional Domestic Violence Plan - Phone Advocate System (Western Australia)

The Phone Advocate is specifically trained in the issues of Domestic Violence and available resources in the Wheatbelt Region. By ringing a 1800 number, victims of domestic violence have access to a number of services for support and information.

Juvenile Action Group JAG Team Project (Western Australia)

A mobile response team comprising a Police Officer, Youth Street Worker and Aboriginal Worker who provide dedicated response to young people's needs and behaviours outside normal business hours.

Seventeen school projects received $500 and a Certificate of Merit in recognition of their contribution to the prevention of violence:

  • "A Sense of Me" - Charles Conder Primary School (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Gilmore Primary School's "Four Most" Violence Prevention Program (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Anti-Violence Project at Lanyon High School (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Anti-Violence Playground Intervention Program - Goulburn West Public School (New South Wales)
  • Anti-Bullying Program - Hillston Central School (New South Wales)
  • The Anti-Bullying Campaign at Jamison High School (Penrith, New South Wales)
  • Aboriginal Mentor Program - Queanbeyan South Public School (New South Wales)
  • Byron Bay Primary School Early Intervention into Violence and Harassment (New South Wales)
  • Feel Safe Program - Cowra High School (New South Wales)
  • 'Speak Up Speak Out' - Trinity Bay State High School (Queensland)
  • The Holy Family School Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project (Indooroopilly, Queensland)
  • An Integrated Positive Behaviours Program - Sandringham Primary School (Victoria)
  • Community Support Structure - an Integrated Service Model for Welfare Provision at Sandringham Secondary College (Victoria)
  • Social Skills Program (Club 20) - Laverton Plains Primary School (Victoria)
  • The Currajong School Non-Violence Policy (East Malvern, Victoria)
  • Making A Difference - Cooloongup Primary School (Western Australia)

Twenty two projects were awarded certificates of merit:

  • City Beat Team Drug and Alcohol Crime Targeting Project (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Garema Place/City Walk Revitalisation (Australian Capital Territory)
  • Domestic Violence Transit Flat Program (Australian Capital Territory)
  • ACTS Youth Programmes, Lithgow (New South Wales)
  • The Violent Offenders Program (New South Wales)
  • Kids' Colour Club (Northern Territory)
  • Video of the Causes and Impact of Family Violence/Alcohol Abuse in Aboriginal Communities (Northern Territory)
  • Beenleigh Domestic Violence Assistance Program (DVAP) (Queensland)
  • Under the Skin: Combating Racism in Queensland Schools (Queensland)
  • Repeat Victims of Break and Enter Program (South Australia)
  • Domestic Violence Project (South Australia)
  • 'Pt'Chang - ConFest Safety Project (Victoria)
  • Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself/Respect Yourself, Respect Others (Victoria)
  • The Intensive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Program (Victoria)
  • St George's Memorial Service: Healing the Wounds of War (Victoria)
  • The Far East Gippsland Rural & Remote Domestic Violence & Referral Pilot Project (Victoria)
  • The Victorian Community Safety Week (Victoria)
  • Westend Project (Victoria)
  • Djerriwarrh Health Services Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) (Victoria)
  • Manjimup Domestic Violence Advocacy Program (Western Australia)
  • The Sexual Assault Prevention Program (Western Australia)
  • The Marillac Centre Anger Management Program (Western Australia)