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Diversion and support of people with mental illness. Guidelines for best practice

National Justice CEOs Group and the Victorian Government Department of Justice. 2010

Diversion and support of people with mental illness. Guidelines for best practice (pdf 1.3MB)


These guidelines have been developed by the National Justice CEOs (NJCEOs) Group. They aim to provide policy makers and program developers with guidance on an evidence-informed approach to establishing diversion and support programs in the community. They have been developed with input from 95 government and non-government stakeholders drawn from all states and territories. The Australian Institute of Criminology has been a key contributor to the project.

The guidelines are not a consensus policy statement for the Australian jurisdictions, and should not be read as such. Many of the issues discussed are complex and far from settled. The guidelines provide a resource for different jurisdictions to devise policy positions and programs that are relevant to the particular issues that concern their jurisdiction. Specific policy decisions will need to be determined in close consultation with affected stakeholders.

This document is structured to provide guidance on the context of diversion, conceptual considerations and practical advice on key issues.


Enquiries relating to these guidelines should be directed to:

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