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Profiling fraudsters : a Queensland case study in fraudster crime ; final report to Crime Prevention Queensland

Hennessey Hayes and Tim Prenzler
Griffith University, 2002 (revised February 2003)

This study prepared by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University for Crime Prevention Queensland is reproduced with permission.


This study of fraudster crime in Queensland summarises national and international literature on fraud; examines responses by law enforcement agencies to fraudster crime, with a focus on Queensland agencies; presents findings from practitioner focus groups involving the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Queensland Office of Fair Trading and the Queensland Police Service Major Fraud Investigation Group; and reviews various media reports on fraudster crime, offering an interpretation of the texts and comparing reports of frauds and scams with reports of 'street crime'. The study concludes by drawing out the implications of the findings for prevention initiatives in fraudster crime.


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