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  1. Richards, Chris. 1994?, Grave Concerns - Institutionalised Death in Queensland: A Review of the Coroner's Act 1958, Townsville Community Legal Service Inc., Townsville.

    The Townsville Community Legal Service Inc. commissioned this report about institutional deaths. It highlights the importance of the review of the Queensland Coroners Act 1958 currently being undertaken and makes a range of recommendations which it believes will help prevent future deaths caused by poor standards of institutional care. Three case studies of deaths in Townsville institutions are presented in Chapter Two.

  2. Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in South Africa and the Social Justice Resource Project. 1991, Death by Decree: South Africa and the Death Penalty, SADPSA and SJRP, Cape Town.

    This is published by the Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in South Africa and the Social Justice Resource Project, 1991. The aim of the book is to raise awareness and further the debate about the death penalty. The first chapter puts arguments against the death penalty. Chapter 2 looks at the Criminal Law Amendment Act (1990) which it claims recognises that the death penalty is inadequate and fallible. Chapter 3 gives facts and figures relating to the death penalty from other countries and in South Africa. Chapter 4 looks at community attitudes to the death penalty and argues against many of the points that are raised justifying it. Chapter 6 looks at international standards and resolutions on the death penalty.

  3. Victoria. State Coroner's Office. 1994, Unnatural Deaths 1991/1992, State Coroner's Office, Melbourne.

    The statistics contained in the report are on unnatural deaths collated from the Findings of the State Coroner, Victoria. The purpose of the statistics is to facilitate the investigation of unnatural deaths by the Coroner who aims to reduce accidental deaths by inquiring into the causes of deaths. The report consists of tables and graphics relating to unnatural deaths during 1991/1992 and relevant explanatory notes.

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