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Police deaths

  1. Stephenson, Ron. 1993, 'Young Courage: Justice Takes Over', Australian Police Journal, vol. 47, nos. 1 and 2, March and June, pp. 2-42; 90-120.

    This article is the edited version of a manuscript originally written by the author to be published as a book. It is a factual account of the tragic circumstances relating to the fatal shooting of a young constable (Allan McQueen) who was cut down in the prime of his life and the vicious shooting of his partner. It too tells of the hunt for the offender and of the death of an innocent man (David Gundy) who was accidentally shot by police when raiding premises in the search of the suspect wanted for the police shootings. At the time the media sensationalised their perception of this incident. Now for the first time publicly, in order to put the record straight, the author who was the commander of the entire investigation tells the real story as he knew it.

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