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Environmental crime

01 September 1993 - 03 September 1993

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Australian Centre for Environmental Law.

Australian Centre for Environmental Law Australian Institute of Criminology


This conference discussed the crucial issue of how to protect the environment. The papers examine whether criminal law is the most appropriate instrument or whether there are more flexible cost efficient means for curbing environmental degradation. Information based strategies, environmental audits and third party enforcement strategies are suggested as additional mechanisms of environmental regulation.

Conference proceedings

The proceedings of this conference were published as:

Environmental crime / Neil Gunningham, Jennifer Norberry, and Sandra McKillop (eds.)
Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, 1995
ISBN 0 642 21348 8 ; ISSN 1034-5086
(Conference proceedings (Australian Institute of Criminology); no.26)