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Crime and older people

25 February 1993


This conference examines the issue of older people and crime. The papers cover: fear of crime; the role of the police; elder abuse and neglect; and crime prevention, urban design and local government initiatives.

Conference papers

The role of the police

Panel discussion : the role of the police in crime prevention and fear reduction

Elder abuse and neglect (1)

Guardianship issues

Elder abuse and neglect (2)

Panel discussion : policy perspectives around Australia

Crime prevention, urban design and local government initiatives

Panel discussion : Directions for the future - a multi-faceted approach

  • Concluding discussion
    Marianne James, Australian Institute of Criminology; Lange Powell, Commissioner for the Ageing, South Australia; Paul Sadler, Senior Policy Officer, Office of the Ageing, New South Wales; Ron Cahill, Chief Magistrate, Australian Capital Territory; Professor Ezzat Fattah, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada; and Chief Supt Geoff Edwards, Officer in Charge, Community Affairs Branch, South Australia Police