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Crimes against business

The Novotel Melbourne
28 February 1994 - 02 March 1994


In 1992, crime cost the Australian business community over $4 billion. In times of economic recession, crime can be the last straw that sends a business to the wall. This $4 billion could reduce the unemployment queues by 100,000 people. Anticipated trends of crime against business include more sophisticated frauds, increasing conflict between marketing strategy and crime prevention, decreasing regulatory protection against fraudulent suppliers and many other unwelcome surprises for business managers.

This conference focuses on crimes perpetrated against business and strategies to deal with such crimes. Papers discuss topics including: industry perspectives; retail crime; corporate crime; computer crime; insurance; employee morale and healthy workplaces; and prevention strategies. In addition, the 1993 National Survey of Crimes Against Business will be launched at the conference.

Conference papers

Industry perpectives on crime against business

Retail crime

Corporate crime

Computer crime

Employee morale and healthy workplaces

Prevention strategies to deal with crime against business