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8th international symposium on victimology

Adelaide Convention Centre
21 August 1994 - 26 August 1994

This conference was organised by the Australasian Society of Victimology Inc under the auspices of and with the support of the World Society of Victimology.

 Australasian Society of VictimologyAustralian Institute of Criminology


Papers presented at this symposium discussed the nexus between theoretical and practical victimology and its relationship to criminology; matters affecting victims, such as victim impact statements and compensation, victimisation in families, gender bias in the legal system, victims of war in Bosnia, and victims of human rights in South Africa; issues related to power, politics and victimisation; victim surveys and methodology; and victim services.

Conference proceedings

The proceedings of this conference were published as:

International victimology : selected papers from the 8th international symposium / Chris Sumner, Mark Israel, Michael O'Connell and Rick Sarre (eds.)
Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, 1996
ISBN 0 642 24008 6 ; ISSN 1034-5086
(Conference proceedings (Australian Institute of Criminology), no.27)