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Health care, crime and regulatory control

University of Melbourne
03 July 1997 - 04 July 1997


This conference focuses on the role which the criminal justice system plays in regulating health care practice and how this interacts with other regulatory controls such as the civil compensation system, registration and licensing authorities and other complaint-handling bodies. The issue of whether or not the criminal courts should be involved in regulating the conduct of health care providers at all is considered. Issues such as the manner in which alternative health care such as traditional Chinese medicine should be regulated, how best to deal with sexual misconduct in health care, the transmission of life-threatening diseases, health insurance fraud, telemedicine, and genetic research are also discussed.

Conference proceedings

The proceedings of this conference were published as:

Health care, crime and regulatory control / Russell G Smith (ed)
Hawkins Press, 1998
ISBN 1 87606 709 8