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Privatisation and public policy : a correctional case study

Hotel Sofitel, Melbourne
16 June 1997 - 17 June 1997


With increases in prison populations expected, moves to improve effectiveness and efficiency through greater involvement of the private sector in corrective services need to be explored in detail. These conference proceedings discuss the public policy implications of the move towards the privatisation of corrective services, and examine the issues surrounding appropriate service provision in a privatised system.

Conference papers

The public policy implications of privatisation

Contracting out community corrections : the judicial perspective

Victorian case study

Purchase and provider : the Queensland experience

Opportunities and hazards : the impact of privatisation upon prisoners' policy and administration

  • Opportunities and hazards : the impact of privatisation upon prisons' policy and administration (Presentation not available)
    Professoressor Richard Harding, Director, Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia

Models for contracting out community corrections

Access and accountability issues

Education : provision of education and training in a multiprovider system

Health and special services

Issues for Aboriginal prisoners

Prison industries : delivering prison industries in a multiprovider system