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Gambling, technology and society : regulatory challenges for the 21st century

Rex Hotel, Sydney
07 May 1998 - 08 May 1998

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in association with the Australian Institute for Gambling Research.

Australian Institute of CriminologyAustralian Institute for Gambling Research


This conference examines the key regulatory and social issues relating to new technologies in the gambling industry in Australia. Topics covered include: responses to the Internet and interactive gambling; gambling and Australian society; the market; criminal applications to interactive and Internet gambling; controlling the technology; the public good; towards smarter regulatory strategies; and legal issues and options.

Conference papers

The marker : opportunities and threats

Crime and control

Public interest

Regulatory challenges

  • State views
    David Ford, Office of Gaming and Racing, Queensland; and Brian Farrell, Casino Gaming Authority, Victoria

Law and money

Policy issues

Social issues