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Partnerships in crime prevention

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart
25 February 1998 - 27 February 1998

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in association with the National Campaign Against Violence and Crime.

 Australian Institute of Criminology National Campaign Against Violence and Crime


This conference focuses on crime prevention partnerships with an emphasis on multi-agency approaches to crime prevention, which include measures to reduce opportunities for crime, as well as preventing criminality. Partnerships occur in the following fields: family, community, police and criminal justice system, schools, business, public facilities and the workplace.

Conference papers

Creating and sustaining partnerships




Social groups


Health perspectives

Local government

Violence against women

Community partnerships

Comparative experience

Police and community surveillance


Youth partnerships

Community action

Violence against women (2)

Police and community surveillance

Healing for harmony

  • Healing for harmony 
    Michele Hall, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Branch, Queensland; and Gail Marshall, Puttatama Aboriginal Corporation, Queensland
  • Turning ideas into action 
    Jeremy Travis, Director, National Institute of Justice, Washington, United States of America