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Best practice interventions in corrections for Indigenous people

Hindley Parkroyal, Adelaide
13 October 1999 - 15 October 1999

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Department for Correctional Services, South Australia.


These conference proceedings examine and compare some of the best practice interventions being used within the Australian correctional system for Indigenous people. Issues discussed include: classification and case management for Indigenous prisoners; provision of medical services and health care issues; awareness training for correctional officers and other professional staff; vocational education and training; programs tailored to Indigenous women; violence programs; drug and alcohol programs; sex offender programs; behaviour modification programs; alternatives to imprisonment; sentencing options; restorative justice; design issues; international comparisons and experiences; incarceration and deaths in custody trends; and programs for reducing self-harm and suicide.

Conference papers

Keynote addresses

Sentencing and diversionary programs (I)

Education (I) : literacy and numeracy

Community supervision initiatives (I)

Sentencing and diversionary programs (II)

Education (II) : vocational arts and crafts

Community supervision initiatives (II)

Indigenous community expectations of best practice

Accommodation design

Violence (II) : behaviour modification programs

Juvenile justice (I)

Violence (III) : sex offending programs

Cultural awareness training

International experience and best practice

Health (I) : suicide/self-harm prevention

The need and value of visitor schemes

Duty of care/risk assessment

Best practice interventions to limit alcohol and drug abuse among Aboriginal people

Health (II) : partnerships in Indigenous health

Families/coronial interventions

Alcohol and drugs (I)

Elder support programs

Alcohol and drugs (II)

Health (IV) : health, HIV and BBCB strategies

Women's programs