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3rd national outlook symposium on crime in Australia : mapping the boundaries of Australia's criminal justice system

Rydges Hotel, Canberra
23 March 1999


The lines between the various criminal justice agencies, government and non-government, are forever changing, and responsibilities for law enforcement and determination of the sanctions imposed for various crimes are being shared. This symposium considers how the boundaries of Australia's criminal justice system affect the well-being and safety of our community.

Conference papers

National outlook on criminal justice in Australia

Boundaries within the criminal justice system

Drugs and crime

Innovations in corrections

Law enforcement and Indigenous Australians

Changing patterns of violence

Crime mapping in rural Australia

Juvenile justice : current perspectives

Policing domestic violence

Deaths in custody

Criminal justice and other agencies : softening the boundaries

Boundaries between public and private

Homicide patterns in Australia

Inter-jurisdictional differences in crime rates

Crime and the future

Policing : the zero-tolerance debate

Markets for stolen goods

Remand in Australia

Preventing violence and crime

Ethnicity and crime

Fraud in Australia

Restorative justice in Australia

Sentencing patterns and trends

Firearms : policies and practice

Directions for research and policy : transcending boundaries

  • Directions for research and policy 
    Dr Sally Hillsman, Deputy Director, National Institute of Justice, Department of Justice, United States of America
  • The future of crime control 
    Dr Peter Grabosky, Director of Research, Australian Institute of Criminology