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Second Australasian women and policing conference

Emmanuel College, University of Queensland
07 July 1999 - 09 July 1999

This conference was co-hosted by the Australasian Council of Women and Policing Inc., and the Queensland Police Service.

Australasian Council of Women and Policing Inc. Queensland Police Service



The Second Australasian women and policing conference aims to gather together those who are interested in: improving the relationship between policing and women within the community; the position of women within policing; and in establishing a global network of women in policing. These aims are to be achieved through the sharing of information and research from members of the community, policing jurisdictions and universities. The intended conference outcome is to formulate strategies for change.


The First Australasian women police conference, which was attended by 300 delegates, was held in Sydney in July 1996. It was responsible for the identification of several strategies which aimed to improve the working conditions for women police. Several of those strategies have been implemented and include: establishment of an advisory group to commissioners on womens issues, establishment of an Australasian women and policing council, and the conduct of research into issues facing women in policing. Other outcomes will be discussed at the second conference.

The Australasian Council of Women and Policing Inc. supported by the Queensland Police Service is proud co-ordinate the second conference which will broaden the first conference's focus to include the participation of community groups interested in policing. This will enable those groups to have input on how policing may be improved for women in Australasia.

Conference participants

conference participants 

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