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Stalking : criminal justice responses

Landmark Parkroyal, Sydney
08 December 2000

This conference investigates the crime of stalking. Although stalking-type behaviours have been documented for a long time, legislation specifically designed to protect individuals from stalking was only introduced in Australia in the early to mid 1990s.

Given the relatively recent nature of the 'crime', empirical studies of the stalking phenomenon are relatively few. In order to address this lacuna, this conference aims to cover the current empirical, social and legal attempts to deal with a crime that incorporates such diverse realms as psychiatric disorders, gender relations and cyber technology. Papers presented cover the following topics: victims; types of stalking; legislative and criminal justice responses to stalking; and international prespectives.

Conference papers

Victims of stalking

Victimisation and legislation

Stalking : work, school, family

Stalking : international perspectives

Stalking and the Australian criminal justice system

International research on stalking