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Women in corrections : staff and clients

Novotel Adelaide on Hindley, Adelaide
31 October 2000 - 01 November 2000

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Department for Correctional Services, South Australia.



The role of the female correctional officer is demanding and challenging. Likewise, women working in other professional capacities within correctional institutions require certain human and technical skills to work efficiently and effectively with their inmate population. These roles and challenges will vary considerably depending on the gender composition within their correctional environment as well as on many other factors. On the other hand, male correctional and professional staff working with female inmates are confronted with another range of diverse challenges and responsibilities.

Women as clients, or female prisoners, are increasingly contributing to a larger proportion of the total prison population. Unfortunately a significant amount of the research over the years has focussed on the larger male prisoner population. Only in more recent years has there been a noticeable focus on addressing the unique needs of female prisoners.

This conference discusses the roles and needs of women in the corrections environment, both women as staff and women as clients (female prisoners).

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Panel: Women working in corrections

Unsentenced and sentencing offenders

Private prisons for women

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Managing prisons (1)

Managing offenders

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Young women's detention

  • The young women's pilot program (PDF 49kB)
    Mark Watt, and Carol Tomnay, Community Residential and Outreach Program, Parkville Youth Residential Centre, Victoria

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Women and children

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Trends in sentencing

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Researching offenders' needs (1)

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Post releases and community corrections