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4th national outlook symposium on crime in Australia : new crimes or new responses

21 June 2001 - 22 June 2001


Every two years the AIC convenes a National Outlook symposium, where current issues in criminal justice policy and practice are examined and debated by leaders in the criminal justice field.

This 4th National Outlook Symposium considers the issues of crime and criminal justice, especially the issues emerging in the 21st Century. It examines how new crimes are perpetrated, described, analysed and dealt with.

Conference papers

Crime, risk and trust

Crime and Indigenous Australians

Sentencing and prosecution

  • Intuition and deliberation in sentencing (no paper available)
    Dr Austin Lovegrove, University of Melbourne, Victoria
  • Sentencing and the prosecution (PDF 66kB)
    Richard Refshauge SC, Director of Public Prosecutions, Australian Capital Territory

Domestic violence

Young people and crime

Crime in regional Australia

Transnational crime

Illicit drugs and crime

  • Drug Use Monitoring in Australia: Recent Trends in Drugs and Criminal Activity (no paper available)
    Dr Toni Makkai, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Illicit drug use and violent criminal careers: Preliminary results from DUCO (no paper available)
    Paul Williams, Australian Institute of Criminology

Federal boundaries and 21st century crime

Keynote address

Technologies and crime control responses

Gender and crime



Local government and crime control

Revolution in policing and police operations

Crime and older people

Computer crime

  • Computer crime (PDF 49kB)
    Cmdr Barbara Etter, Australasian Centre for Policing Research, South Australia
  • E-fraud - meeting the challenge (no paper available)
    Keith Inman, Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Cross-border crime


Future directions, crime prevention, legal responses and policy