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Crime prevention conference

Hilton Hotel, Sydney
12-13 September 2002

This conference was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Branch, Attorney-General's Department.


This conference brings together practitioners, researchers, academics and policy makers from the diverse fields that are involved in preventing crime. It provides an opportunity to discuss the types of crime prevention policies and programs which have been implemented on a national, regional or local level. The emphasis is on inter-agency approaches to crime prevention, which include measures to reduce opportunities for crime, as well as preventing 'criminality'. Papers presented at the conference cover a wide variety of topics in crime prevention, including crime prevention through social development; early intervention; juvenile delinquency prevention; diversion; drugs and alcohol; evaluation and evidence-based practice; community education; property crime; domestic violence; sexual assault; situational crime prevention including crime prevention through environmental design; training and community capacity building; the criminal justice system; and policing. Some papers from the conference are represented only by abstracts.

Conference papers

Keynote address

Social justice and crime prevention

Crime prevention in an internatonal context

  • Crime in Australia in an international perspective (Presentation not available)
    Pat Mayhew, Consultant Criminologist, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Review of the implementation of the UK's Crime Reduction Programme (Presentation not available)
    Peter Homel, Director, Crime Prevention Division, Attorney-General's Department, New South Wales, and Consultant, Home Office, United Kingdom

Early intervention

  • Connecting children, families and communities (Presentation not available)
    Ruth Newman and Elizabeth Starr, Department of Education and Training, New South Wales
  • Strong families - a collaborative case management initiative in Western Australia
    Rae Markham, Department for Community Development, Western Australia
  • 'Good Beginnings' Prisoners and Their Families Program (Presentation not available)
    Pam Marsh, Good Beginnings, New South Wales

Family Violence

Justice Issues

Research and evaluation

Developmental crime prevention

National responses to crime prevention


Crime and violence prevention


Illicit drugs

  • Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT)
    Bruce Flaherty and Joanne Jousif, Crime Prevention Division, Attorney-General's Department, New South Wales
  • A randomised controlled trial of brief interventions for cannabis problems among young offenders in NSW (Presentation not available)
    Dr Jan Copeland, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, New South Wales

Drug/alcohol issues

  • Drug use monitoring project
    Dr Adam Graycar, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Can the pro-active policing of licensed premises prevent alcohol-related crime? (Presentation not available)
    Dr John Wiggers, University of Newcastle, Hunter Centre of Health Advancement, New South Wales

Local government




Capacity building

Crime prevention