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Probation and community corrections : making the community safer

Novotel Langley, Perth
24 September 2002


Agencies and individuals working in the field of Community Corrections supervise offenders on a wide variety of court orders and early release from prison, and are also involved in a range of work including crime prevention, victim support and victim offender mediation, drug courts and other specialist courts.

The Community Corrections profession underpins much of the criminal justice system: providing advice to courts on bail and sentencing, and to Parole Boards and like bodies on release decisions. It is at the forefront in the use of technology in managing offenders, with electronic monitoring of compliance with orders, and sophisticated drug testing regimes; and at the forefront of the delivery of programs to offenders - cognitive behavioural programs to sexual and violent offenders; domestic and family violence perpetrator programs; cognitive skills programs and substance use programs. It is an avid user of sophisticated research and evaluation, using cutting edge tools for the assessment of offenders' risk and needs.

This conference examined current and proposed practice and research in the wide field of community corrections.

Conference papers

Managing community corrections

  • Probation, parole and community corrections. Past, present and future: are we prepared to go there?
    Kathy Waters, Director of Adult Probation Services Division, Arizona Supreme Court, USA; and President, American Probation and Parole Association, USA
  • Achieving the right balance (Presentation not available)
    Alan Piper, Director-General, Department of Justice, Western Australia
  • Indigenous people and community corrections (Presentation not available)
    Mark Cuomo, Director, Legal Services, Aboriginal Legal Service, Western Australia

Rehabilitation and practice

Programs and interventions

  • Marketing and community corrections (Presentation not available)
    Helen Ringrose, Director-General, Department of Corrective Services, Queensland
  • Small in number, high in need - issues in managing justly with female offenders (Presentation not available)
    Catriona McComish, Assistant Commissioner for Probation and Parole, Department of Corrective Services, New South Wales
  • Critical incidents - a window on community corrections practice
    Lange Powell, Director of Community Corrections, Department for Correctional Services, South Australia

Justice responses

  • Specialised courts and sentencing
    Professor Arie Freiberg, University of Melbourne, Victoria
  • Victorian community corrections review - progress to date (Presentation not available)
    David Daley, Director, Community Correctional Services, Victoria

Risk assessment


  • The punitiveness of electronically monitored community based programs
    Marietta Martinovic, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Victoria
  • Adult court advice and support service (ACAS)
    Lesley Garton, Department of Human Services, Victoria
  • Indigenous advisors: a 'blueprint' for the future (Presentation not available)
    Neil Fong, Inquiry into Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities; Nic Merson and Jane Tittums, Department of Justice; Hector O'Loughlin, Aborignal Alternative Dispute Resolution Service; and Cheri Yavu-Kama-Harathunian, University of Western Australia

Offender management


  • A strategy for intervention in the area of family violence
    Teresa Kirk and Brit Culyer, Department of Justice, Western Australia
  • The challenges of implementing Throughcare
    Kate Stevens, Department of Corrective Services, New South Wales
  • Community corrections service - you can count on us (Presentation not available)
    Robert Fatchen, Department of Justice, Victoria
  • The administration of justice is an intensely local experience (Presentation not available)
    Peter Curwen-Walker, Department of Justice, Northern Territory