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Current issues in regulation : enforcement and compliance

Carlton Crest Hotel, Melbourne
03 September 2002


The Australian Institute of Criminology, in collaboration with the Regulatory Institutions Network, Australian National University and the Division of Business and Enterprise, University of South Australia, has hosted a conference addressing the role that regulation plays in promoting the wellbeing and safety of the community and its effectiveness in preventing illegal practices. The conference aimed to explore strategies, processes, legislation, compliance and enforcement techniques in areas such as trade practices, consumer protection, occupational health and safety, professional regulation and the environment.

h2>Conference proceedings

The proceedings of this conference were published as:

Regulation : enforcement and compliance / Richard Johnstone and Rick Sarre
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, 2004
ISBN 0 642 53837 9 ; ISSN 1326-6004 (Research and Public Policy Series, no. 57)

Conference papers

Welcome and opening

Legal regulation and policing

Occupational health and safety regulation

Issues in regulation

Managing organisational compliance

Persuasion and punishment and compliance strategies

Effective regulatory enforcement

Occupational health and safety enforcement

Environmental regulation