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Evaluation in crime and justice : trends and methods

ABS House, Canberra
24 March 2003 - 25 March 2003


The aim of the conference was to provide a forum for practitioners, researchers and policy makers to discuss current issues and challenges involved with criminal justice research and evaluation. The conference includes discussion of different research and evaluation methodologies and interpretation of crime and justice statistics, including use in the policy environment and the competing demands placed on research in this context. Papers presented at the conference cover a wide variety of topics in research and evaluation, including policing evaluation, crime statistics, dealing with survey data, data collection, use of research consultancies, research ethics, linking research and policy, use of performance indicators, researching offenders, crime prevention program evaluation, prison related research, court based research, research design and practice, cultural considerations, and the review work of the Campbell Collaboration.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics

The ABS is Australia's official statistical organisation. The Bureau assists and encourages informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by providing a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service. The National Centre for Crime and Justice is located in the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This Centre undertakes data collection on recorded crime, criminal courts and corrections.

Conference papers

Keynote addresses

  • Research and evaluation : issues arising in the emerging evidence-based policy and performance management context (Presentation not available)
    Paul Wiles, Chief Scientific Advisor and Director, Research Development and Statistics, Home Office, United Kingdom

Evaluation in a policing context

Crime statistics in a social context

Administrative data

Dealing with survey data

Developing processes

Data overview


Panel discussion


  • The role of ethics in research
    Lorraine Beyer Australian Customs Service
  • Crime mapping applications
    Jerry Ratcliffe, Australian Institute of Criminology

Linking research and policy

Evaluation and performance indicators (PIs)

Researching offenders

New tools

Evaluation research

Prison-related research

Cross-jurisdiction data

Evaluating police initiatives

Research design and practice

Court-based research

Cultural considerations

The Campbell Collaboration