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Graffiti and disorder : local government, law enforcement and community responses

Royal on the Park, Brisbane
18 August 2003 - 19 August 2003

This conference was hosted by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Australian Local Government Association.

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Graffiti and public disorder are both perceived as a sign of the lowering of the quality of life in our communities. They are often not only associated with crime, but can also increase the fear of crime. Graffiti and public disorder are complex, multifaceted problems requiring a range of responses for their solution. This response requires commitment and participation by both government and the community. The aim of the Graffiti and Disorder conference was to provide an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, community groups and the business sector to discuss the topic, share knowledge and develop strategies to address the relevant issues. Particular emphasis was placed on the role of local government in addressing graffiti and disorder through preventive approaches and proactive programs. Papers/speeches presented to the conference address the problems of graffiti and disorder from a wide range of perspectives, including graffiti art and youth culture perspectives, law enforcement and legal responses, and community graffiti reduction programs.

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