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Inhalant Use and Disorder

Jupiters Hotel, Townsville
07 July 2003 - 08 July 2003


The term 'inhalants' is often used to describe volatile substances that can be inhaled to induce a psychoactive or mind-altering effect. A broad range of chemicals, found in hundreds of different household products, are misused as inhalants. These can be found in supermarkets, newsagencies, and hardware stores and include glue, petrol, paint, dry cleaning fluid and aerosols such as hairspray and deodorant. The response to inhalant misuse requires commitment and participation at Commonwealth, state and local levels, and partnership with professionals and with communities. The aim of this conference was to provide an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and community groups involved with inhalant misuse to discuss the topic, share knowledge and develop strategies to address the relevant issues. Papers presented to the conference deal with inhalant misuse from a wide range of perspectives, including drug policy, Indigenous issues, user surveys, law enforcement, government and industry initiatives and community responses, with a particular emphasis on preventive approaches and proactive programs.

Conference papers

Keynote address

Patterns of volatile substance misuse

Strategic frameworks



Law enforcement responses

Community responses


Government and industry initiatives

From perceptions to practice