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Juvenile justice : from the lessons of the past to a road map for the future

Citigate Sebel, Sydney
01 December 2003 - 02 December 2003

This conference was hosted by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Justice, New South Wales.

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Juvenile justice is an area that has generated a huge amount of research and policy attention over the last few decades. The aim of the Juvenile Justice Conference was to provide an opportunity for practitioners, policymakers, researchers and community groups to discuss the topic, share knowledge and develop strategies to address the relevant issues. The conference was thus based on the theme of learning from the lessons and research of the past so that we can successfully manage the future. Papers presented to the conference cover a wide range of topics in juvenile justice, with particular emphasis on preventive approaches and proactive programs, and on meeting the needs of a diverse community.

Conference papers

Keynote address

Panel - Past, present and future

Young people in custody health survey

Legislation, policy and practice

Youth at risk

Juveniles in detention

Early intervention

Community intervention



From research to practice

Youth justice - from global to local

Early intervention



Juvenile justice in Victoria


Young women and the juvenile justice systems

Drug courts