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Crime in Australia : international connections

29 November 2004 - 30 November 2004

This two-day conference examined existing and emerging forms of criminality, the impact on Australia and the links to transnational crime, as well as policy and practitioner responses. It addressed questions such as: What are the emerging trends? What is our understanding of these changes? How is the criminal justice system responding?

Keynote addresses

  • Organised crime : emerging trends (presentation not available)
    Jay Albanese, National Institute of Justice, United States of America
  • The dark side of technology (PDF 181kB)
    Mick Keelty, Australian Federal Police

Crime control

  • Regulatory issues and crime (Presentation not available)
    John Braithwaite, Australian National University
  • Evidence-based policy and the future of crime prevention (Presentation not available)
    Don Weatherburn, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, New South Wales
  • Government policy in the justice sector : the uneasy relationship between research, evidence and public opinion (Presentation not available)
    Alan Piper, Department of Justice, Western Australia

Behavioural approaches to violent crime investigations

  • A multidisciplinary collaborative approach to profiling violent crime (Presentation not available)
    Deb Bennett, Victoria Police and Michael Davis, Monash University and Forensicare, Victoria
  • Murder victim or family annihilator (Presentation not available)
    Marilyn McMahon, La Trobe University
  • A structured decision-making approach to behavioural linking of serial offences (Presentation not available)
    Michael Davis, Monash University and Forensicare, Victoria

Global issues

  • Criminal networks in London : The south Asian crime project (Presentation not available)
    Anna Aquilina, Metropolitan Police, United Kingdom
  • Transnational vehicle crime : scope, relevance and solutions for Australia (Presentation not available)
    Lisa Young
  • Global action to combat child sex tourism (PDF 224kB)
    Karen Flanagan, Child Wise, Victoria

Emerging issues

Behavioural approaches to stalking

  • An overview of the problem behaviour model (Presentation not available)
    James Ogloff, Monash University
  • Threat crimes and stalking (Presentation not available)
    Lisa Warren, Monash University
  • Risk assessment for problem behaviours (Presentation not available)
    Rachel MacKenzie, Monash University

Transnational and electronic crime

Court processes

Enforcement, regulation and control

  • Towards the combating of bank related crimes (Presentation not available)
    Alice Maree, South African Banking Risk Intelligence Centre, South Africa
  • Developing a method to study organized crime cases (Presentation not available)
    Damir Kukec, Department of Justice, Canada
  • The governance of illicit synthetic drugs (Presentation not available)
    Adrian Cherney, Australian National University; and Junai O'Reilly, Australian Federal Police
  • Best practice in money laundering : detection and prevention (Presentation not available)
    Iain Cottrell, SAS Australia and New Zealand

Criminal justice

  • Comparative international crime trends (Presentation not available)
    Holly Johnson, Australia Institute of Criminology
  • The life experiences of offenders serving community correction orders in Queensland (Presentation not available)
    Paul Mazerolle, Crime and Misconduct Commission, Queensland
  • Unsentenced prisoners in Australia (Presentation not available)
    Terry Rawnsley, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offences) Act (Presentation not available)
    Anthony Gray, University of Southern Queensland


  • Prosecutorial decisions in adult sexual assault cases (Presentation not available)
    Denise Lievore, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Achieving fairness for complainants in sexual offence prosecutions (Presentation not available)
    Marcia Neave, Law Reform Commission, Victoria
  • Factors which affect the propensity to be a victim of assault (Presentation not available)
    Marika Woodberry, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Women and outlaw motorcycle clubs : removing the myths and fiction (Presentation not available)
    Julie van den Eynde, University of Queensland

Crime challenges and alternative perspectives

Weapon use in violent crime

Crime management

  • The use of crime management strategy mapping in the New South Wales police
    Peter Williams and Alan Dawes, New South Wales Police Service
  • Organised crime and illicit markets in Queensland (Presentation not available)
    Chris Keen, Crime and Misconduct Commission, Queensland
  • The tuna industry in the western and central Pacific Ocean : understanding and resolving legislative non-compliance (Presentation not available)
    Katherine Anderson, Australian Institute of Criminology

Crime and issues

Technology and crime