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Understanding and responding to chronic youth offending

Adelaide Wine Centre, Adelaide
27 October 2005

This conference was organised by the Office of Crime Statistics and Research, South Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Criminology.

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This conference, which was jointly convened by the Office of Crime Statistics and Research and the Australian Institute of Criminology, aimed to develop a better understanding of chronic offenders and what works in responding to their particular needs.

Conference papers

the following papers are available on the OCSAR website:

Who are the chronic offenders?

  • Juvenile offending trajectories : a Queensland study
    Michael Livingston, Griffith University
  • Juvenile offending trajectories : a South Australian study
    Jayne Marshall, Office of Crime Statistics and Research, South Australia
  • Identifying chronic offenders : exploring differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth
    Anna Ferrante, University of Western Australia

What factors contribute to (chronic) offending?

  • Risk factors for early initiation into crime amongst a sample of chronic offenders (Presentation not available)
    Toni Makkai, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Transitions and turning points : examining the links between child maltreatment and juvenile offending
    Anna Stewart, Griffith University
  • Factors contributing to chronic offending : an educational perspective : participation and success in a coordinated educational program
    Gerri Walker, Department of Education and Children's Services, South Australia
  • What is the mental health perspective on juvenile offending
    Phil Robinson, Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, South Australia

What works?

  • Between times : learning to desist from crime
    Mark Halsey, University of Melbourne
  • Rehabilitation programs for young offenders : towards good practice?
    Andrew Day, University of South Australia
  • Juvenile initiatives : less than 25%
    Wendy Murray, Department of Justice, Western Australia

Where to from here?

  • Youth justice conferences and Indigenous over-representation : micro simulation case study
    Anna Stewart, Griffith University