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Crime Prevention and Communities: Building Better Local Solutions

Melbourne Convention Centre
10-11 June 2014

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The Australian Institute of Criminology and the Victorian Department of Justice hosted Australia’s 2nd major Crime Prevention and Communities conference, at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 10-11 June 2014.

International speakers included:

  • Professor Richard Catalano, Director, Social Development Research, and Professor for the Study and Prevention of Violence Washington University
  • Karyn McCluskey, Co-director Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), Strathclyde Police, Scotland
  • Professor Nick Tilley, Director of the University College London Security Science Research Training Centre
  • Superintendent Bruce Bird, New Zealand Police National Crime Prevention Manager

For more information visit the conference website:

Tuesday 10/06/2014


Welcome to Country

Diane Kerr, Wurundjeri Elder


Hon. Edward O’Donohue MLC, Minister for Crime Prevention


Opening keynote

Karyn McCluskey, Director, Scottish Violence Reduction Unit


Monash Milk Bar Network Exchange

Mrs Emily Halliburton, City of Monash, VIC

Designing, implementing and delivering whole-of-community models to prevent violence against women

Ms Hayley Boxall, Ms Shann Hulme and Ms Lucy Althorpe, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

Beyond the safe city: a new strategy and approach

Mr Dean Griggs and Ms Anne Malloch, City of Melbourne, VIC

A national picture of the use of CCTV by local councils

Ms Shann Hulme, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

Does family support improve child behaviour and wellbeing in disadvantaged communities?

Professor Ross Homel, Griffith University, QLD


The Smart Generation trial: using the Communities That Care approach to reduce risk factors related to adolescent alcohol use

Dr Bosco Rowland, Deakin University, VIC

Footscray CCTV System- evaluating its effectiveness

Ms Lynley Dumble, Maribyrnong City Council, VIC

Evaluation of the Wodonga School-based Restorative Practice Program: Findings and Implications

Dr Clare-Louise Brumley, Gateway Community Health, VIC


Smith Street Dreaming

Mr Hieng Lim and Ms Maree Foelz, Neighbourhood Justice Centre, VIC

What can local government do to prevent crime? Effective responses to common crime problems

Mr Anthony Morgan, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

Auburn City CCTV Research and Evaluation project

Mr Patrick Shepherdson, Crime Prevention and Community Safety consultant and Ms Julie Sloggett, Auburn City Council, NSW

Generating equality and respect, a partnership for the prevention of violence against women

Ms Cara Gleeson, VicHealth and Ms Bronwyn Upston, MonashLink Community Health Services, VIC


Using a practical approach to achieve attitudinal change amongst hard-to-reach audiences through social marketing

Ms Romina Reale, Victorian Department of Justice, VIC

Youth, Community and Law Program

Mrs Karen Hart and Ms Dale Doran, The Youth Junction Inc, VIC

Drones, trust and public opinion

A/Prof John Fitzgerald, University of Melbourne, VIC


Keynote 2 - Using Prevention Science to Create Collective Impact in Communities: Communities That Care

Professor Richard Catalano, Director, Social Development Research, and Professor for the Study and Prevention of Violence Washington University


Keynote 3 - The Risk-Safety Paradox: How safe is ‘safe enough’?

Dr Julie Rudner, Community Planning and Development Program, La Trobe University


Design + Crime reconnecting 2 disciplines to better understand crime problems and effect innovative solutions

Mr Rodger Watson, A/Prof Douglas Tomkin, Ms Kim Wan and Dr Olga Camacho Duarte, Designing out Crime, UTS, NSW

‘Sex, young people and the law’ - how to deliver and evaluate preventative legal education for young people and newly arrived communities

Ms Angela Costi, Ms Anoushka Jeronimus and Ms Monica Ferrari, Victoria Legal Aid, VIC

Program evaluation in a cross-cultural context: Action research, program logic and youth justice in Thailand

Mr Matthew Willis, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

Crime Prevention - Implications of Mainstreaming and the Property Crime Decline

Mr Garner Clancey, Sydney University, NSW and Mr Patrick Shepherdson, Sydney Institute of Criminology, NSW

Reclink Australia - The High Density Housing Safety and Security Project in the Australian Capital Territory

Mr Mark Ransome, Reclink Australia, ACT


Tackling the epidemic of family violence in the Northern Territory

Mr Jared Sharp, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, NT

Explaining the property crime drop: the offender perspective

Dr Rick Brown, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

Developing healthy relationships to reduce women’s recidivism: The WIPAN Mentoring Program

Ms Kat Armstrong, Women in Prison Advocacy Network, NSW


Improving community safety in remote Indigenous communities: effective policing

Dr Judy Putt, Department of Behaviour, Cognitive and Social Sciences, University of New England, NSW and Mr John Young, Colmar Brunton, ACT

‘Practice Makes Perfect’: Preventing Arson

Senior Sergeant Joanne Howard, South Australia Police, SA

Sustaining a local crime prevention project: The Banksia Gardens Community Connections model

Jaime De Loma-Osorio Ricon, Banksia Gardens Community Services, VIC

Wednesday 11/06/2014


Keynote 4 - Policing, problem-solving and crime prevention

Professor Nick Tilley, Director of the University College London Security Science Research Training Centre, UK


Keynote 5 - Past, present, future: Reflections on Australian efforts to prevent violence against women

Heather Nancarrow, CEO, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety


The Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children: Role and Strategic Direction

Lara Fergus, Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children, VIC

Engaging children, youth and their families to address juvenile offending: Effective Community Youth Policing

Senior Sergeant Kevin Kneebone MNZM, Royal New Zealand Police College, New Zealand Police, NZ


Preventing violence using information from the developmental sciences

Prof Sheryl Hemphill, Australian Catholic University, Dr Lata Satyen, Ms Archna Ranganathan and Ms Michele Burn, Deakin University, VIC

The Newcastle solution: A realist perspective

Ms Monique Mann and Mr Matthew Willis, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT

After the Earthquake: Integrating Crime Prevention into Emergency Response

Dr Rolando Ochoa, School of Sociology, Australian National University and Prof Peter Homel, Asia Pacific Centre for the Prevention of Crime, Griffith University & Australian Institute of Criminologys


Reducing alcohol-related assaults in city entertainment precincts: a tale of three cities

Prof John Wiggers, Hunter New England Local Health District (Population Health), NSW

SafeGrowth: Integrated and Sustainable Community Crime Prevention for the Future

Miss Mateja Mihinjac, Griffith University, QLD and Ms Sue Ramsay, Christchurch City Council, NZ


Together For Equality and Respect: An integrated approach to the primary prevention of men’s violence against women

Dr Sue Rosenhain and Ms Kristine Olaris, Women’s Health East, VIC

Late Night Safety in the Adelaide CBD

Ms Ruth Ambler and Ms Sally Cunningham, Attorney-General’s Department (South Australia), SA

Safety in numbers: a partnership model for community safety and local engagement

Ms Kath Brackett, Brimbank City Council and Inspector Chris Gilbert, Victoria Police, VIC


Baby Makes 3- a family violence prevention program for first-time parents

Ms Libby Hargreaves, Whitehorse Community Health Service, VIC and Mr Steve Dawkins, Warrnambool City Council, VIC

Police-imposed punishment: a response to alcohol-related violence and disorder in Victoria

Mrs Clare Farmer, Deakin University, VIC

Keeping Sydney Safe

Dr Lisa Simone, City of Sydney, NSW


Lunch Presentation

Community Engagement – Standards for Police Practitioners

Mr Deon Wong, Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA), VIC


Keynote 6 - Prevention First – The New Zealand Model of Policing

Superintendent Bruce Bird, National Manager: Prevention, National Prevention Centre, New Zealand Police, NZ


Domestic violence does not have to end in homicide - Conceptualising a holistic approach to risk detection and effective intervention

Ms Annette Gillespie, Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service, VIC

Outcome-focussed crime prevention planning

Mr Anthony Morgan, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT and Dr Lisa Simone, City of Sydney, NSW

Communities That Care (CTC): Engaging and empowering communities for youth crime prevention and collective impact

Mr Brian Bumbarger, Prevention Research Center, Penn State University, USA, Prof Richard Catalano, Director, Social Development Research Group, University of Washington, USA and Dr Bosco Rowland, Deakin University, VIC

Improving management of late night transport for a safe and vibrant Sydney night life

Ms Libby Harris, City of Sydney, NSW

Experimental research and crime prevention in Australia: Are they incompatible?

Dr Rick Brown, Australian Institute of Criminology, ACT


Family Violence, a community’s response

Ms Margaret Augerinos, Go Goldfields Alliance, VIC

Market Lane Saturdays: distracting the drinking culture

Ms Leanne Martin, Manly Council, NSW

Unwanted sexual attention in licensed venues: moving beyond prevention through environmental design

Dr Bianca Fileborn, La Trobe University, VIC


Prevention of Violence Against Women in Our Community – local government takes the lead

Ms Teresa Dowd, Mount Alexander Shire Council, VIC

Mobile Application and Public Safety System for Crime Tip-Off and crime prevention by communities

Dr Keeratpal Singh, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia and SAC Dato’ Aishah binti Mohammad, KPPP (MSM) Royal Malaysia Police

Can You Fight Crime With Placemaking?

Mr William Coogan, Moreland City Council, VIC


Reflections on a regional approach to the primary prevention of violence against women

Ms Stephanie Rich and Ms Ellen Kleimaker, Women’s Health West, VIC

Uncharted Territory - CPTED in Christchurch

Ms Sue Ramsay, Christchurch City Council, NZ