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ACCAN 2015 - Monday 30 March


  • Exercising care: Families, risk and responsibility. Professor Kate Morris, University of Nottingham (PDF 805kb)
  • Nā Te Rauroha, nā Te Rangiātea i tuku iho…Tiaki mokopuna Actioning Transformative States of Māori Child Welfare in New Zealand. Moana Eruera and Dr Leland Ruwhiu, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 2.4mb)
  • Child-centred multi-agency practice: Challenges for change. Dr Patrick Kelly, University of Auckland and Nicola Atwool, University of Otago (PDF 1.3mb)


Family violence

  • In defence: The presence of children during intimate partner violence and the likelihood of retaliation - Prof Janet Fanslow, University of Auckland (PDF 490kb)
  • Fatal family violence in New Zealand: Children as victims and witnesses - Prof Dawn Elder, University of Otago, Wellington - No presentation available

Use of technology in practice

  • An innovative approach to an out of home care community of practice: Utilising new technologies - Dr Belinda Mayfield, Life Without Barriers (PDF 237kb)
  • Profile 4 Potential - Michael Moses, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 995kb)
  • TIKA: When psychology meets technology - Rehina Rolleston, TeamTika Ltd (PDF 481kb)

Reforming out of home care

  • Reforming foster care in Australia: A process of developing a new model of carer support, education and payments - Anita Pell, Berry Street (PDF 856kb)
  • Reforming out of home care through implementing effective models of therapeutic care: Establishing benchmarks for success - Janise Mitchell, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 318kb)
  • Residential care: Transitioning well - disrupting the paradigm - Mary McKinnon, Life Without Barriers - No presentation available

Managing the risk of suicide

  • Managing suicide risk in the child welfare population: The Towards Wellbeing Programme - Kirsty Louden, Clinical Advisory Services Aotearoa (PDF 737kb)
  • Managing suicide risk in a residential setting - Denise Tapper, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1mb)

Children’s voices

  • Rethinking the adultchild relationship: What happens when adults and children converse? - Marilyn Casley, Griffith University (PDF 688kb)
  • RAIN CLOUD TOOL: Using visual imagery to create focus on the impact for children of adult behaviour in the context of child protection - Judy Greer, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 943kb)
  • Love not labels: The power of the care experienced voice - Duncan Dunlop & Tony McDonald, Who Cares? Scotland (PDF 2.6mb)

Pregnancy and parenting

  • Remnants of empire, beginnings of life: An exploration of caring for vulnerable pregnant Indigenous women in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Australia - Emma Searle, Royal Hospital for Women (PDF 1.7mb)
  • At-risk pregnant women: Under surveillance, coerced, passively engaged or actively engaged? - Rosa Flaherty, NNSW & MNC LHD (PDF 673kb)
  • ‘Risking it all’ or ‘Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: a cultural perspective in Aotearoa’ - Rose Hawkins, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 2.3mb)


  • Improving the clinical assessment of acute presentations of child maltreatment using a quality and child rights framework - Dr Paul Hotton, South Western Sydney Local Health District (PDF 1mb)
  • Assess, plan, implement and review: Getting to the heart of Child, Youth and Family’s social work practice - Kiri Alexander, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 366kb)
  • Introducing…’Ripple’: An app for assessing how vulnerable kids are doing right now - Gregory Nicolau, Australian Childhood Trauma Group - No presentation available

Evidence and data

  • Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse: 10 year trends from a national Australian study across reporter groups and different legal frameworks - Prof Ben Mathews, Queensland University of Technology (PDF 918kb)
  • Building a more responsive Australian child protection data collection - Tim Beard, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 625kb)
  • Listening to children’s experiences of emotional and psychological abuse: Considerations for child protection and mental health services - Dr Joe Tucci, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 1.8kb)


  • Te Whare Maramatanga o Te Tai Tokerau - The place of learning/change/growth in Te Tai Tokerau - Lorinda Harding & Trevor Wi-Kaitaia, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1mb)
  • ‘Culture without wairua has no movement’ - Charles Hohaia & Puawai Ka Solo, Te Waka Whaanui (PDF 828kb)


  • Transition from care to independence (TCI) - in the NZ context - Amee Nicholson, Dingwall Trust & Ben Lummis, Youth Horizons Trust (PDF 552kb)
  • Collaboration: Better ways of working together to improve outcomes for children and young people with high and complex needs - Gilbert Azuela, Bernadette Anne & Nathan Church, High and Complex Needs Unit, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 948kb)


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