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ACCAN 2015 - Tuesday 31 March

Introduction and Opening

  • Introduction and Opening - Brendan Boyle, Chief Executive, Ministry, of Social Development Hon Anne Tolley, Minister for Social Development



Obesity as medical neglect

  • Child protection, medical neglect and obesity: A single centre experience - Dr Alice Johnson, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
  • When does obesity constitute medical neglect? - Prof Graham Vimpani, Kaleidoscope - Children, Young People & Families (PDF 232kb)

Out of home care

  • What qualifies excellent foster care - Ursula Elisara, Immerse - Fostering Hope (PDF 1.1mb)
  • Relationships matter? Multiple perspectives on children’s attachment experiences in group home settings - Andrea Greer (Tan), Child, Youth and Family (PDF 625kb)

Parenting and family msupport

  • ‘The Lakes Way’ - Lauren James, Lakes District Health Board (PDF 240kb)
  • Bringing up great kids - Outcomes of a mindful and reflecting parenting program - Janise Mitchell, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 531kb)


  • Analysis of informed consent and confi dentiality on child safety in the context of online research with women experiencing intimate partner violence - Becky Allenby, Auckland University of Technology - No presentation available

Family support in First Nations communities

  • It takes a experiment in working across disciplines for better outcomes: The story of Te Korowai Mokopuna - Christine Olsen, Barnardos New Zealand (PDF 1.1mb)
  • Whakamana Whānau (Enabling Whānau) - Pam McCann, Family Works Hawke’s Bay (PDF 654kb)
  • Tihei Mauri Ora: Connectedness - Mere Wallace, Hokitika Health Centre (PDF 303kb)

Out of home care: Contact with family

  • Developing partnerships between sectors and family members to support parents and family to have better relationships with their children in out of home care. - Jessica Cocks, Life Without Barriers (PDF 822kb)
  • Contact: Keeping contact between parents and children in care: A protocol to trial a practice enhancement intervention for children in long-term care and their parents - Tracey Bullen, Institute of Child Protection Studies Australian Catholic University (PDF 422kb)
  • Documenting birth family contact visits: Quality issues - Rejani Rajan, University of Western Sydney (PDF 341kb)

Forensic interviewing and the courts

  • The application of bestpractice investigative interview protocols to Australian Aboriginal children - Gemma Hamilton, Deakin University (PDF 321kb)
  • The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: Preparing parents to give evidence in court - Nicki Wickham, Sydney Children’s Hospital (PDF 594kb)

Child safe organisations

  • Workforce Safety Checking under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 - Alice Greer, New Zealand Police (PDF 765kb)
  • Constructing a child protection policy to support a safeguarding children culture in organisations and institutions - Dr Joe Tucci, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 352kb)
  • A partnership approach to developing a child-safe organisation: A case study - Janise Mitchell, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 800kb)

Putting children at the mcentre of practice

  • Restorative governance: Transforming our thinking in how we approach cultural responsiveness in a multiagency world - Mary Ivec, Australian National University (PDF 1.7mb)
  • Children moving ahead: Developing community collaborations to help children affected by violence - Tina Guido, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation (PDF 1.1mb)
  • Putting children and families at the centre: How can we effectively utilise integrated child and family services to reach the families who most need them, early enough to prevent or reduce known developmental and safety risk factors? - Anne Hollonds, NSW Domestic and Family Violence Council (PDF 2.6mb )

Attitudes to child maltreatment and recurrence of harm

  • Tolerating violence against children: Mapping changes in Australian community attitudes about child abuse and child protection over the past decade - Dr Joe Tucci, Australian Childhood Foundation (PDF 306kb)
  • It’s ‘our’ problem, not just ‘theirs’: Changing perceptions for a community response - Raema Merchant, Eastern Institute of Technology (PDF 640kb)
  • The extent of repeat involvement with child protection: A review of the literature - Olivia Octoman, Australian Centre for Child Protection (PDF 370kb)
  • A systems approach to understanding child protection recurrence - Brian Jenkins, Griffith University (PDF 458kb)

Issues in protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

  • Indigenous child welfare: A contradiction in terms? - Sue Anne Hunter, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (PDF 668kb)
  • Understanding overrepresentation of Indigenous children in child welfare data: An application of the Drake risk and bias models - Dr Pauline Gulliver, University of Auckland (PDF 676kb)
  • Developmental health and wellbeing of Australian Aboriginal children in out-of-home care: Are we making a difference? - Dr Shanti Ramanm, South Western Sydney Local Health District (PDF 1.7mb)
  • An Aboriginal voice in child protection matters in the Northern Territory - Pip Martin, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (PDF 1.5mb)

The impact of trauma and balancing child and parent needs

  • Walking the tight rope: Women’s health social work maintaining the balance - Linda Haultain, Auckland District Health Board (PDF 674kb)
  • The Sphere Model: Assessing the impact of trauma - Nicki Weld, Stand Children Services (PDF 1.3mb)
  • Thoughts and actions: Parents as secondary victims of child sexual assault - Georgina Fuller, Australian Institute of Criminology (PDF 266kb)
  • COPMIA: Children of parents with mental illness and or addiction - Anna Nelson, Matua Raki (PDF 1mb)


  • Vulnerable Children’s Board – Old Partners, New Accountabilities: Agencies Working Together for New Zealand’s Most Vulnerable Children. Brendan Boyle, Ministry of Social Development. - Peter Hughes, Ministry of Education. Chai Chuah, Ministry of Health.


  • Griffith Youth Forensic Service: Showcasing practice and research with Indigenous youth, sexual violence & abuse - Sue Rayment-McHugh, Dimity Adams & Troy Allard, Griffith University - No presentation available
  • The Children’s Action Plan: Working together differently for vulnerable children - Sue Mackwell, Jacqui Moynihan & Lianne Egli, Children’s Action Plan (PDF 1mb)
  • New frontiers in multiagency practice - Dr Patrick Kelly, Starship Children’s Hospital; Rachel Stevenson, Fred Seymour, University of Auckland; Kathy Lowe, Laurel Webb, Auckland District Health Board’ Karadee Morden, Shine; Cheryl Stones, Child, Youth and Family & Neil Hilton, New Zealand Police (PDF 293kb)


  • Heart of the matter: Transitioning from state care requires more than simply meeting material needs - Amee Nicholson, Dingwall Trust (PDF 755kb)
  • ‘Words from the young’ (Workshop about youth suicide and the way youth and adults interact) - The RAID Movement (PDF 375kb)
  • He aha ai? Say what? Engaging cross-culturally with reluctant adolescents and their families - Kiritapu Murray & Deb Smith, Te Poutama Arahi Rangatahi, Barnardos New Zealand - No presentation available


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