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ACCAN 2015 - Wednesday 1 April



Therapeutic intervention

  • Indigenous experiences of the New Zealand Family Group Conference - Paora Moyle, Moaintheroom Consulting (PDF 843kb)
  • Does international evidence-based model Functional Family Therapy work for New Zealand Young People and families? - Dr Charles Heywood, Youth Horizons (PDF 724kb)

Issues of ethnicity

  • Researching the role of ethnicity in child protection decision-making: How does it impact on risk perceptions and intervention models? - Emily Keddell, University of Otago (PDF 229kb)
  • Ethnicity and child exploitation material - Dr Tony Krone, University of Canberra - No presentation available

Preventing sexual abuse

  • Creating a holistic approach to child sexual abuse prevention - Melanie Calvesbert, Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation (PDF 436kb)

Less thought about: Impacts of family relationships on children

  • A tolerance to violence: Addressing the context of apprehended violence orders against young people - Dr Natalie Scerra, UnitingCare Children, Young People & Families (PDF 326kb)

Whole of community approaches

  • The legacy of aversive parenting: Predictors of preparents’ attitudes toward endorsement of physical discipline with children - Abby McCann, Psychologist (PDF 762kb)
  • Best practice in support and training of caregivers raising children with histories of abuse and neglect - Bernice Gabriel, Child, Adolescent and Family Service

Child protection system reform

  • Implementing child welfare reform: What role can inquiries and commissions play in the reform landscape? - Annette Michaux, Parenting Research Centre (PDF 780kb)
  • Protecting Australia’s children: Recent developments in national systems design and implementation - Stella Conroy, Families Australia (PDF 760kb)

Out of home care

  • Ensuring every child and young person in out-ofhome care has access to education - Denise Kotsikas, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (PDF 501kb)
  • The role of the supervising social worker in promoting outcomes for fostered children through culturally responsive supervision and support. - Mariesa Williams, Key Assets (PDF 654kb)
  • Service engagement and young people with complex needs leaving out-of-home care in South Australia - Catia Malvaso, University of Adelaide (PDF 425kb)

Trauma-informed therapeutic responses

  • Doing what we say: Responding to the evidence about the early years - Joanna Bock, Berry Street (PDF 921kb)
  • Not in Isolation: The importance of relationships in healing childhood trauma - Michelle Taylor, Blossomtree Psychology (PDF 846kb)
  • Changing systems, changing brains: Becoming trauma informed within and beyond the walls of residential care in Aotearoa. Reflections on integrating the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics into a multiagency team context. - Sean Twomey, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1.1mb)

From victim to young offender

  • Victim turned offender in a sample of New Zealand adolescents with harmful sexual behaviour: What’s the relationship? - Ian Lambie, University of Auckland - No presentation available
  • Home alone? Neglect as a major push factor into Hong Kong’s underworld - Prof Wing Chui, City University of Hong Kong (PDF 592kb)
  • Youth resolutions meetings – Innovative approaches to multi-agency and interprofessional working together with mokopuna, children and young people in our community - Nicola Windle, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 618kb)

Developing culturally safe approaches

  • Cultural safety and child protection: Family violence prevention legal services protecting children in Aboriginal communities - Antoinette Braybrook, Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention Legal Service (PDF 53kb)
  • Preparing for culturally responsive schooling: Initial teacher educators into the fray - Dr Greg Vass, University of New South Wales (PDF 1.1mb)
  • Boss of my body - Richard Wells, LDAG Inc (PDF 1.4mb)

Partnership in action

  • Mokopuna Māori: Te Hokinga Mai (Reunifying Māori Children in Care Drift) - Jonelle McNeill, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1.3mb)
  • Avondale Co-location Model: Government and NGO sectors - Barbara Thomson, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 388kb)
  • Puawaitahi in practice - Dr Meera Raithatha, Auckland District Health Board - No presentation available

Responses to offending

  • The Good Way model: A responsive therapeutic approach for young people with cognitive or learning diffi culties who have behaved abusively to others - Lesley Ayland, WellStop (PDF 1.5mb)
  • Stockholm Syndrome and grooming: Is it the same or is it different? The social work practice implications - Dr Shirley Jülich, Massey University (PDF 373kb)
  • Creating a fence and closing the gaps: Engaging with men who are violent - Jolene Salmond, Barnardos New Zealand (PDF 763kb)

Systemic therapeutic responses

  • Te Ara Taiohi - Pathway for Youth, A joint initiative between Child Youth and Family and Te Hou Ora Whanau Services in Dunedin Andrea Lemm, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1.4mb)
  • Initial feedback on Mauri Toa Rangatahi, The Power of Youth: A bi-cultural, multi-agency intervention to reduce reoffending by young people - Zoey Caldwell, Department of Corrections (PDF 597kb)
  • Sustainable change: Stronger families, effective networks, better outcomes - Veronica Watt, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 682kb)


  • Perspectives on sentencing in child sexual abuse cases - Prof Arie Freiberg, Monash University, Dr Karen Gelb, Karen Gelb Consulting & Hugh Donnelly, Judicial Commission of New South Wales (PDF 161kb)
  • Pulling the threads together: Where to next? - Chair, Paul Nixon, Child, Youth and Family


  • Eliminating physical punishment: Progress, challenges and where to next? - Dr Anne Smith, University of Otago; Dr Ian Hassall, Auckland University of Technology; Dr Julie Lawrence, University of Otago; Deborah Morris-Travers, UNICEF; Dr Bernadette Saunders, Monash University & Beth Wood, UNICEF (formerly) (PDF 1.1mb)


  • Applying a police prevention approach to child abuse and neglect - Detective Senior Sergeants Neil Holden, Natasha Allan & Colin Higson, New Zealand Police (PDF 916kb)
  • Vaaifetu - A Pacific practice framework for statutory social work - Karanina Sumeo, Nora Liutai, Sifa Moala, Audrey Talima, Anahila Lose Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Loisi Puleiku, Maria Tetini-Luatutu, Timena Kiria, Senia Sefo-Godinet, Lisa Sepuloni, Roshni Raju & Manju Verma, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 586kb)
  • Reinvigorating family group conferencing: Aligning practice with the promise - Dave Wood, Andrea Nichols, Peter McIntosh, Joanne Setefano, Thomas Hohaia, Child, Youth and Family (PDF 1.7mb)


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