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Taking an informed approach to minimising corruption

Australian Institute of Criminology, Angela Gorta
03 March 1999 -

Angela Gorta

Research Manager, Independent Commission Against Corruption, New South Wales


This seminar gives an overview of the research conducted by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption as well as identifying five major lessons for combating corruption. More specifically, the seminar provides:

  • brief background about ICAC;
  • how research is used to inform efforts to minimise corruption;
  • examples of empirical research conducted by the ICAC and how the findings have been used;
  • five of the major lessons, or strategies, for combating public sector corruption based on the ICAC's experience.

Dr Angela Gorta is the Research Manger of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, based in Sydney. After teaching psychology and statistics at Macquarie University, she conducted criminological research for more than ten years and has spent the past six years focusing on better informing efforts to reduce corruption in the public sector.