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Linking users and producers of electronic data

Australian Institute of Criminology , Denise Lievesley
04 February 1999 -

Professor Denise Lievesley

Director, UK Data Archive, Professor of Social Research Methods, University of Essex, United Kingdom


The focus for this seminar is the importance of access to data in electronic form and the value of forging links between users and producers of data. Professor Lievesley discussed the development of electronic access and preservation strategies, focussing on the practical aspects of the implementation of such strategies and the ways in which constraints such as the need to maintain confidentiality can be dealt with. She drew on her experience as a data archivist and described the role which data archives and other data brokers can and do play in ensuring that data are shared for research purposes. The talk was illustrated with practical examples of contracts between archives and data producers and users.

Professor Denise Lievesley was Director of the UK Data Archive and Professor of Social Research Methods at the University of Essex from 1991 to 1999. Prior to that she was Director of the International Statistical Institute. She has recently joined UNESCO in Paris to become Director of Statistics, and from June 1999 she will assume the presidency of the UK Royal Statistical Society.