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Crime reduction

Australian Institute of Criminology, David Moxon
03 August 2000 -

David Moxon
Home Office, United Kingdom


David Moxon is head of the Crime and Criminal Justice Unit, Research, Development and Statistics Directorate, Home Office, UK. His unit covers both research and statistics on a wide range of criminal justice issues, including recorded crime and the British Crime Survey, court proceedings, youth crime and drugs. He has a long experience of criminal justice research within the Home Office, including work on policing, the prosecution process and sentencing. He has also been involved in the development of the Government's Crime Reduction Programme.

The Manifest on which the current UK Government was elected in 1997 declared that 'What counts is what works'. On law and order the message was 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime', so the pressure was on to establish what strategies could most effectively reverse the long-term growth of crime. This led to a major report drawing on evidence from around the world, which resulted in the largest investment in evidence-based crime reduction that has ever been undertaken.

In this seminar David Moxon described not only, how research has been used to drive the policy agenda, but also the limitations of some of the problems encountered. Key features of the process have been the cross-cutting approach involving much stronger collaboration between departments and agencies than has normally been the practice in the past, and the role of the Treasury in demanding evidence as a basis for continued funding.