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The culture of inequality and corruption: a cross-cultural analysis of corruption

Australian Institute of Criminology, Susanne Karstedt
19 February 2001 -

Professor Susanne Karstedt
Department of Criminology, Keele University, United Kingdom


Professor Susanne Karstedt presently holds a chair in criminology at the Department of Criminology, Keele University, UK. She is a sociologist (Dr. of Social Sciences, University of Bielefeld) and has held positions at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Bielefeld, where she was a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Population Research and Social Policy until she took over her present position in July 2000. Professor Karstedt was a consultant to communities, the police and ministries in Germany on crime prevention.

Professor Karstedt's current research centres on cross-cultural analyses of violence and corruption, the impact of social capital on crime and informal social control, elite crimes, transnational crime, and middle class crime.