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The fall in crime in Europe and North America : can we explain it?

Australian Institute of Criminology, Pat Mayhew
08 November 2001 -

Pat Mayhew, OBE
Consultant Criminologist to the Australian Institute of Criminology


Pat Mayhew has recently started an 18-month secondment to the AIC. She was previously Deputy Head of the Crime and Criminal Justice Unit, in the Research Development and Statistics Directorate of the UK Home Office. She has been much involved in crime measurement, with previous responsibility for police recorded statistics in England and Wales, and the British Crime Survey (BCS). Pat has also been involved in the International Crime Victimisation Survey since its inception and has spent much time during her career on crime prevention research. She has published widely.

The seminar looked at the drop in crime in the USA and Canada, which has been followed by similar decreases in many European countries. Following decades of rising crime, this reverse is a challenge for criminologists to explain. It also begs questions about Australasia.

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