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Investing to deliver : reviewing the implementation of the UK's crime reduction programme

Australian Institute of Criminology, Peter Homel
26 August 2002 -

Peter Homel
Former Director, Crime Prevention Division, Attorney General's Department, New South Wales; and
Current Research Consultant to the Home Office, United Kingdom


The UK's Crime Reduction Programme (CRP) is a three-year cross-government commitment to an evidence-based approach to achieving a sustained reduction in crime, improving and main-streaming knowledge of best practice, and maximising the implementation of cost-effective crime reduction activity.

The CRP operates within a multi-agency mixed service sector framework across every level of government in England and Wales. It is designed to encompass action at a national, regional and local level. The programme itself is made up of a number quite diverse multi-agency initiatives dealing with broad-based issues of community concern (e.g. violence against women, youth inclusion), specific types of crime such as burglary, and special and difficult populations (e.g. offenders).

In the three years since the CRP started, it has experienced a significant number of implementation challenges that have resulted in programme delays, funding under-spends and other frustrations that have impacted on the programme's overall viability and capacity to meet its stated goals and objectives.

For this reason, in April 2001 the Home Office commenced a twelve-month independent and detailed review of the processes by which the CRP had been implemented.

Since April 2001, Peter Homel has been working on the UK Government's three-year Crime Reduction Programme with the UK Home Office. During this time he has also been on leave from his position of Director of the Crime Prevention Division at the NSW Attorney General's Department.

Peter has a 25-year background in the social policy and public health field. He has published widely on a number of health and justice related subjects and is regularly asked to speak at conferences and other similar events.

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