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Statistics Canada's national longitudinal survey of children and youth

Australian Institute of Criminology, Holly Johnson
26 March 2003 -

Dr Holly Johnson
Chief of Research, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada

This seminar is being organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Branch, Attorney-General's Department.


The National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) is a comprehensive survey that follows the development of children in Canada from infancy into adulthood. The NLSCY provides important data for the study of crime and delinquency through self-reports of delinquent behaviour. The results also contribute information for the formation of crime prevention policies and programs for children and families. This presentation focuses on delinquency, the prevalence and correlates of delinquency, and plans for assessing delinquency within a wider community context.

The primary focus of Dr. Johnson's work at Statistics Canada, and teaching at Queen's University, has been domestic violence and other crimes of violence against women. Dr Johnson is the author of numerous publications on this topic and was the principal investigator of Statistics Canada's national survey on violence against women. She obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester in 1998 and has been advisor to numerous countries, and to the United Nations, in the development of surveys to measure sensitive experiences of violence.

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