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Investigating sexual assault

Australian Institute of Criminology, Kim McKay
28 April 2004 -

Detective Superintendent Kim McKay
Child Protection and Sex Crimes Squad, NSW Police Service


This presentation will highlight a police investigation examining Strike Force Sayda, the investigation in 2000 into the serial multiple offender sexual assaults of women in the western suburbs of Sydney. The environment in which policing takes place, and the shift in public and media response to sexual assault in recent years will be discussed.

Detective Superintendent McKay is currently the Commander of the Child Protection and Sex Crimes Squad which investigates serial sexual assault, as well as complex protracted matters involving paedophiles. Superintendent McKay's background is in the investigation and management of major crime. After joining the New South Wales Police Force in 1980 she quickly moved into criminal investigation and ultimately the Adult Sexual Assault Squad, CIB where she specialised in investigating serial sex offenders. Since winning her Commander's Position in the Child Protection and Sex Crimes Squad in 2003, Superintendent McKay has been working to improve public awareness of issues relating to child abuse and sexual assault.