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The impact of research and evaluation on policy formation and delivery

Australian Institute of Criminology, Sandra Nutley
23 November 2005 -

Sandra Nutley
University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK


This seminar used several case studies to discuss the impact of research and evaluation on policy formation and policy delivery. It used these case studies to consider how, why, to what extent, and in what circumstances research and evaluation has an impact. Lessons from this analysis were summarised for researchers, evaluators and those in policy roles.

About the presenter

Sandra Nutley is Professor of Public Policy and Management at the University of St. Andrews, where she is Co-Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Management (CPPM) and Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU).

Sandra's main research interests lie in the fields of research use, the implementation of evidence-based policy and practice, the management of change, and performance management. She has been involved in a series of reviews that have considered how research and evaluation studies are used (or not used) to inform the development of social policy and the delivery of public services. These reviews have encompassed the health, criminal justice, education, and social care sectors, and they have sought to develop a better understanding of research use and how this can be improved.

Prior to becoming an academic, Sandra worked in local government and since joining academia she has had periods of secondment to work in the Scottish Executive and in Internal Audit Services within the National Health Service in the UK.