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Sex trafficking and organised crime

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith, ACT, Jim Finckenauer
11 December 2007

Jim Finckenauer
School of Criminal Justice
Rutgers University


One of the issues surrounding the growing problem of human trafficking is the question of who are the traffickers and how are they organised. Is this indeed a business of traditional organised crime? A second issue with specific respect to sex trafficking has to do with the element of coercion. Are the sex workers who are alleged to be trafficking victims indeed being coerced into sex work? Each of these controversial questions (as well as others) is being addressed in a study currently being conducted by Professors Jim Finckenauer and Ko-lin Chin of Rutgers University in the US. This presentation will describe the study and some of the preliminary findings.

About the speaker


  • organised crime
  • comparative/international crime and justice
  • criminal justice policy
  • planning and evauluation


PhD (1971) New York University. Professor Finckenauer has recently published a book on mafia(s)' as a global organised crime phenomena. He is also continuing to work on developing culture of lawfulness curricula for school students and police trainees.

Current research interests:

Dr Finckenauer's current research interests are transnational organised crime and sex trafficking, cultural deviance and the fate of the rule-of-law and a culture of lawfulness in Russia.