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What's up DOC? Contemporary practice, themes and issues in Designing Out Crime

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith, ACT, Professor Paul Ekblom
2:00 PM 02 December 2008

Professor Paul Ekblom
Design Against Crime Research Centre University of the Arts, London

Presentation overview

In this presentation, Professor Paul Ekblom, of the Design Against Crime Research Centre, University of the Arts, London, illustrates the range of current practice in this stimulating and challenging field. In doing so, he aims to address questions such as whether designing out crime works and how we can know; how costly it has to be; whether it conflicts with other values such as those underlying sustainability and the open-access of new urbanism; and, if so, how these conflicts might be resolved. He also poses the question of when a design is not a design, and looks to the future.

The presenter

Paul Ekblom read psychology and gained his PhD at University College London. As a researcher in the UK Home Office for many years, Paul worked on the full range of crime prevention projects; horizon-scanning; design against crime; and development of the professional discipline of crime prevention. Paul has worked internationally with the EU Crime Prevention Network, Europol, the UN, and the Council of Europe. He is currently Professor and Co-Director of the University of the Arts London Research Centre on Design Against Crime, based at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Here, he works on design and evaluation of products, places, systems, and communications, as well as continuing to develop practical conceptual frameworks for general crime prevention. Both fields are covered on (click 'Crime Frameworks' and broader material on design against crime at the main site).