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Vulnerable People Policing: inclusion or exclusion of target groups?

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT, Dr Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 17 November 2009

Dr Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron Isabelle

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Presentation overview

While community policing initiatives are widely documented throughout the world, many schemes targeting disadvantaged groups or vulnerable communities are studied in a fragmented manner or are focused solely on individual groupings (eg. youth, sexual minorities, refugees, etc). Some academics, however, are starting to establish a new visible pattern that brings this colourful patchwork into a cohesive whole: that of Vulnerable People Policing. Considering this is a rather new trend in academic literature, little has been done so far to examine the nature of this new type of policing and the actual processes at stake in the policing of vulnerable communities. This presentation is a first step in the determination of the actual involvement of vulnerable people in these new initiatives. It is argued that Vulnerable People Policing is a new emerging pattern in community policing. But are we entering into dialogue and actively engaging with these people regarding how best to police them, or are we imposing a new form of policing on these communities with little or no consultation?

The presenter

Isabelle is a lecturer in policing and applied criminology at Charles Sturt University. After obtaining her PhD in Paris at La Sorbonne in 2002, Isabelle received a post doctorate scholarship in 2003 to study restorative justice and policing at the International Centre of Comparative Criminology, University of Montreal, Quebec. She then went to South Africa to study community justice and policing in poor communities around Cape Town, through a partnership between the School of Government, Western Cape University and The University of Bergen, Norway.

Before coming to Charles Sturt University, Isabelle worked as a post doctorate fellow on an ARC linkage research project at the Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), Australian National University. She worked on the Nexus Policing action research project, as pilot project manager, focusing on community policing, local governance of crime and young people.

Isabelle recently completed the statewide evaluation of the NSW School Liaison Police scheme for the New South Wales Police Force, with Victoria Herrington, and the 'Fly a White Balloon Research: an evaluation of community representation of child sexual abuse in regional Australia' for Upper Hume Community Health Service, with Michael Curtin and Ilena Young. She currently works on a community policing project with the Australian Institute of Criminology and is chief investigator on 'Towards Resolution: effective responses to child sexual abuse in regional Australia'. Her most recent publications focus on participatory and restorative justice and community policing.