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The use of innovative communication technologies by police and other law enforcement agencies

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT, Frans-Jan Mulschlegel
10:30 AM 15 May 2009 - 12:30 PM 01 May 2009

Frans-Jan Mulschlegel

Presentation overview

How do law enforcement agencies use new technologies, particularly web 2.0 and beyond to share and develop knowledge with other agencies and the public? What are the opportunities and challenges, particularly in security-conscious workplaces? How do police managers, trainers, "modern" young police officers, police academics, researchers and information specialists view the whole new trend in social networking, web 2.0 developments and e-policing. For example; how many officers use Plaxo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Sharepoint, Flickr, Orkut, Ning or any of the multitude of other social networks which have millions of users, and more importantly, why?

How do information suppliers and educators view this and how can we put all these new tools to use to improve policing, to improve (inter)national police cooperation, to improve public safety and to improve communication. The International Police Expertise Platform (IPEP) is continually looking at new technological innovations and testing them on its website. The seminar will use Frans-Jan's extensive experience in web-based information to explore existing services and future possibilities.

The presenter

Frans-Jan was educated in Vancouver and has worked as a librarian and information broker for the Netherlands Police and Europol. He is currently a Project Manager for IPEP.

International Police Expertise Platform

IPEP is an international platform for police officers where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged without the boundaries of time and place. It alerts participants to new reports and events and provides a platform for discussion and learning at –