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Implementation of the National Council's plan for Australia to reduce violence against women and their children

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT, Heather Nancarrow
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM 07 May 2009

Heather Nancarrow

Presentation overview

Heather Nancarrow

On 29 April 2009, the National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children presented its plan, Time for Action, to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The Prime Minister responded with an announcement of $42 million to immediately implement 18 of 20 urgent priorities identified by the Council and a commitment to the take the plan to the Council of Australian Governments the same week.

The deputy chair of the national council, Heather Nancarrow, presents its vision and proposed strategies and actions to significantly reduce violence against women and their children in Australia, the commitments that have been made by the Australian Government and the Council's aspirations for the further implementation of the plan.

The presenter

Heather Nancarrow has worked in the field of domestic and family violence prevention for 27 years, including practice and advocacy in community-based domestic violence services, management of government policy and domestic violence legislation and professional development and research. In addition to her role as Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, Heather is the Chair of Queensland's Ministerial Advisory Council on Domestic and Family Violence and Deputy-Chair of the National Council to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children.