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Transnational crime and public-private sector interventions

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 02 February 2011

Dr Wynsen Faber

Presentation overview

Dr Wynsen Faber

Cybercrime is increasingly transnational, and law enforcement and other competent authorities need to explore other means to counter such criminal activities and offenders such as through public-private partnership. Dr Faber will speak about the effectiveness of the judicial chain, and recent methods in investigating and prosecuting cyber criminal activities and offenders. The Hypothesis Driven Detection of crime (HDD) and Hypothesis Driven Intervention (HDI) methods are experimental, and applied to cybercrime types such as: phishing, internet related child porn and advance fee internet fraud. This method is also currently applied, in part, to money laundering.

Dutch consulting criminologist Dr Wynsen Faber

Dr Faber holds the positions of Chair Financial and Economic Crime, Police Academy of the Netherlands and is director of Consultancy firm 'Faber Organisatievernieuwing'. He is a former Dutch Police Officer.

Recent research and publications include: Phishing, Child porn and Advance-Fee internet Fraud (2010) and a Comparative Study of the Detection Function of the FIOD-EC, AID and Police (2009). He consults widely for the Dutch Police.